Architectural Design

At Online CAD Ltd we provide a full range of architectural design services covering all sectors, from large housing developments to small conversions or remodelling projects. With our understanding of planning constraints and building regulations we can ensure that your project will proceed without delays.


As part of our design service we will normally undertake a full site survey prior to any design work. We are also happy to provide this as a standalone service where required by our clients.

Sustainable Drainage (SuDS)

Since 2019 all new developments in Wales of more than 1 dwelling house or where the construction area is 100 square meters or more, requires SuDS approval.

SuDS can be an unexpected, expensive, and difficult part of your project, but that doesn’t need to be the case, here at Onlinecad we have the knowledge & experience to get your project approved quickly & efficiently, allowing you to proceed with your dream project without having to worry about unnecessary complications or expense.

Free advice service

Online CAD offers a free confidential advice service, if you have a Problem with a contractor, supplier or someone involved with your project, we can give you the advice and guidance that you need. With decades of experience in building design, project managment, site managment and contract mediation we can give you expert advice completely free of charge

Planning Consultancy

We will work on your behalf with local planning to ensure that your project receives the approvals required and can proceed without problems when the build begins.

Project Management

We offer much more than simple architectural design. Our project management service will ensure that your build is closely controlled to ensure that all aspects are kept within plan. Where you need to deviate from the original plans we will make sure that the changes are incorporated in the most cost effective way.

Building Control

Liaising with the planning and building control offices, we will ensure that your project stays within the agreed design parameters, and to budget.


Online Cad Ltd also offer a Problem Solving service.

This may involve stepping in and helping out in situations, for example, where the client and the builder have disagreed. This may have resulted in the intended, and agreed project stalling before completion.

These issues are resolved through contract and planning recovery. Not only does this ensure that the project gets completed but it ensures that it does so in the most cost effective way.

This service has proved invaluable to some clients who have found themselves in this type of situation with fears of escalating costs and the prospect of selecting new builders.

Contact us to discuss your problem in total confidence